5 Biggest Technology Failures of 2016


Approaching New Year makes everyone wonder how the 2016 went. Here are the 5 biggest technology failures of 2016:

Project Ara

Project Ara was a modular smartphone project under development by Google since 2012. The idea was that customer could change all device components (processors, displays, batteries, cameras and etc.) and create different combinations depending on his own needs. Information about the device was regularly leaked and widely discussed by public. However, on September 2016 Google closed the project without any explanation. Together with other modular smartphone “LG G5” bad sales, this failure shows us that people are interested in the idea, but there are no place for these phones in the mass market.

Yahoo leaked data

Customer’s data from different companies is stolen quite often these days. Unfortunately, the 2016 champion of stolen data award goes to Yahoo, which sadly published that more than 1 billion customer’s data was leaked. Of course company told everyone to change their account passwords, but names, addresses, phone numbers and etc. was already stolen.

Pokémon GO

This summer “Nintendo” tough the world how not to release mobile game into the market. Japanese and “Niantic” studio spent almost 3 years on “Pokémon Go”, but they could not predict sudden rise of this augmented reality game, which led to server’s disability to handle data’s overload. After a while it became clear that the only way company plans to make profit was from inside purchases. Many rich organisations was ready to pay a huge amount of money for advertising in the game, but Japanese company ignored them. Unfortunately, after few months from release, 80% of users stopped playing the game. Of course “Nintendo” did not experienced any loss, but all of this could not be named as success.

Exomars 2016

After a long 7 month journey to Mars “Exomars 2016” reached its goal and divided into two parts. One part called “Trace Gas Orbiter” stayed in the orbit to study planet’s atmosphere while the other part “Schiaparelli” had to land on the surface of Mars. However, because of programming failure “Schiaparelli” decided to start landing few seconds after entering planet’s atmosphere which led to a 300km/h free fall and then crash.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

2016 “Samsung” released its best smartphone in company’s history. Luxury 5,7 inches “Galaxy Note 7” with eye scanner and comfortable pen fascinated thousands of consumer’s hearts. Unfortunately, “Note 7” caught on fire in different places such as home, cars and even people’s hands. Result: canceled production of the smartphone, angry customer army, corrupted reputation and almost 20 billion dollar loss.