Predictions for 2017: what will happen in science world?


Fight with climate change

If Donald Trump will still think that global warming is a hoax, then China, which produces most of the greenhouse gases, will be a leader in a fight with the climate change. For the last 3 years greenhouse gas emission stays stable and scientists hope that during 2017 gas emission will drop, because of eco-friendly technologies.

Presents from space

China’s “Chang’e-5” mission program will bring some samples from the Moon. If mission will be successful, 2 kilograms of rocks and soil samples would help to understand Moon’s formation and evolution better. Furthermore, on September we will say goodbye to a NASA’s “Cassini”, which will fly through Saturn’s inner rings. Scientist hope that probe will be able to send some magnificent pictures before its crash.

Black hole’s event horizon

On April scientists will try to take a picture of black hole’s event horizon- boundary, where gravitation is so strong that even photons cannot pass. For this job, scientists will use 9 radio telescopes, which will be connected into one system. Telescope will explore super massive black, which is located in the center of the Milky Way. If everything goes according to plan, scientist will be able to prove general theory of relativity and broaden our understanding how black holes behave.

T lymphocyte

In 2017 there is an expectation of the first in the history of the medical complex anti-cancer immunotherapy method, called the CAR-T application. CAR-T genetically modifies patient’s immune cells- T lymphocyte- which are then used to combat cancer. Although there is some concern about the treatment’s toxicity. However, it is likely that it will be adopted in 2017 and will be used as a last resort treatment option for people with leukemia and lymphoma.

Ninth planet

Solar System’s object’s rotation research will help to identify the theory of Ninth planet’s existence. While Ninth planet is still just a theory, it is known that there is a massive object, which rotate around our Sun once in a 20 000 years. Till 2016 practically nothing was known about the existence of this planet, but studies of Kuiper belt object movements have shown that Ninth planet exists. In addition, the “Planet Hunt” will continue outside the solar system- NASA’s space telescope in December will raise Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite.


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