Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8


In the tech world, everyone is talking about Samsung’s new flagship – S8. The web and tech reviewers content are filled with Galaxy S8 rumors and it’s image leaks. Well, usually it’s an insider that shares about devices early, but maybe Samsung had done it already. Samsung may have inadvertently revealed the Galaxy S8’s design or maybe two versions of it.

Samsung had worked determinedly every time when it comes to its ‘Galaxy S’ series. Two official videos released by Samsung show the design of Galaxy S8. This device is expected to launch within next few months.

While advertising it’s Super AMOLED Display technology, Samsung used a reference device which was similar to one we see in rumors. Social media is going crazy as everyone wouldn’t expecting Samsung to expose the Galaxy S8 itself. Addidtion to this, if rumors comes true, then S8’s design will be very different from the Samsung devices we’ve seen so far.

Well, there are so many things or maybe clues in the video which are making us believe that the device is S8. First, we see the screen-to-body ratio is extremely small. Both left and right side have virtually no border. Meanwhile, thin borders are present at the top and bottom for feeding it’s logo and sensors. As we even written in one of our articles, physical home button is missing.

This new flagship is expected to launch in April. A little bit delay due to problems of Galaxy Note 7. As Galaxy Note 7 didn’t stay in the race, then Samsung may put every single effort in this device.

Check the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GetTzSSaTf0



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