Declassified videos of nuclear weapons tests


US declassified more than 750 videos where they are trying a variety of bombs, some of which was nuclear weapons. These images can be seen in public after the 55 years of guarding: records were made from 1945 to 1962. Sights were carefully kept, but now videos can be seen on YouTube.

US Lawrence Livermore National team, which worked on the images for the last five years, has contributed to the rescue of the old bands from extinction. “We have taken this project just in time, – said nuclear weapons physicist Greg Spriggsas in the video about video tapes digitization project – We knew that these records starts to decompose, so it will eventually become worthless.”

The project objective was not only to make the controversial nuclear century frames public, but also to get more knowledge about the bombings, which are currently prohibited to make. It is expected that the published data will help to better understand the effects of nuclear explosions and to better deal with unused weapons.

Videos of the explosions:


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